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About Kiosked

Kiosked is the world’s leading Audience Monetization Platform. Our technology dynamically creates native, in-view ad placements in publisher content for unique, easily targeted ads and bringing additional revenue for publishers and high performance campaigns for advertisers. Founded in 2010, Kiosked has been focused on improving the digital ad experience since day one and has been selected as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe with offices in Helsinki, London, Dublin, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Shenzhen.

Kiosked story – so far…

Kiosked started when two friends, Micke and Antti, sat down and decided to solve the problem of intrusive, non-relevant banner ads. Both guys are serial entrepreneurs, who have built and sold multiple global businesses. They met through mutual friends from business school, where Micke was mentoring young entrepreneurs. Antti was pitching his idea on how to change the online advertising industry and with Micke’s background of building successful software platforms, they quickly found that they shared a common passion and had complementary skill sets.

Finland is known for its long and dark winters and these winters are the perfect time for Finns to come up with and work on innovative ideas. Still it took four years to bring their idea into life!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In 2010 the first two recruitments were two engineers, who are still to this day very proud to mention that they built the first prototype. The initial idea for Kiosked was that ’anything you see, can be yours’ i.e. to automatically bring the purchase possibility of a contextually relevant product when you are consuming any type of media on any device. The iconic ’K’ hotspot was invented. Whenever a consumer would hover over the K in an image he or she would be able to discover more information and essentially buy the relevant product. Kaboom!

Fast forward two years and Kiosked had moved from their small office in the center of Helsinki to the technological Hub of Finland, Espoo, next to industry giants such as Microsoft, Rovio and Nokia. Along with a bigger office the company grew exponentially with almost $10 million in funding. In early 2014 the company saw a need to modify their original business idea. Instead of trying to completely reinvent e-commerce, when consumers where not yet ready to buy online on impulse, Antti and Micke saw that the platform could be extended to be used for online advertising.

At this point the company undertook a pivot, what is internally known as ‘changing the engines while flying’. This means the whole team stuck together and transformed their technology platform to what now powers Kiosked ads. This huge undertaking dominated most of 2014 and made this the year when Kiosked became profitable and won numerous international awards.

This would not have been possible without a dedicated team, which really is the soul of Kiosked. In 2015 the company has offices in Helsinki, London, Dublin, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Shenzen with over 70 employees. Moreover Kiosked is its own cultural melting pot being home to more than 34 nationalities, but above all the company is a workplace, friend circle and family to all of them.

Today Kiosked is now widely recognized as the world’s leading Audience Monetization Platform, reaching over 250 million unique consumers monthly in every corner of the world!

Our story has only begun…


New York

1500 Broadway, 29th Floor
New York, 10036
New York, USA


64 Great Eastern Street

Los angeles

220 Main Street
Venice, Los Angeles
90291, USA


Keilaranta 1
FI-02150 ESPOO


30 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089844
Republic of Singapore


Micke Paqvalén
CEO and Founder
+358 40 03 963 94
Skype: mickepaqvalen

Antti Pasila
CCO and Founder
+1 310 694 1840
Skype: anttipasila
Los Angeles

Turkka Oksanen
EVP Operations
+358 40 06 522 28
Skype: turkka_oksanen

Berit Virtanen-Thewlis
SVP People & Culture
+358 40 51 144 60
Skype: beritvt

Larry Harris
Chief Strategy Officer
+1 917 992 8640
New York

Peter Clothier
SVP Business Development
+44 7587 959495
Skype: peter.kiosked

Johan Palm
SVP Finance
+358 40 73 161 13
Skype: johanpalm806


Dr. Tero Ojanperä
Chairman Managing Partner and Co-founder of Vision+

Antti Pasila
CCO and Founder

John Lindfors (Observer)
Managing Partner of Digital Sky Technologies

Kevin Wall
CEO of Control Room

Micke Paqvalén
CEO and Founder

Andreas Rosenlew
Founder and Chairman of Grow

Pelle Rosell
Chief Marketing Officer
Zenterio AB


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