Smart Content Trends 2014

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Digital Marketing has gone through a revolution during the past years. A strategy for e-commerce is necessary for every brand, and in order for brands to implement different media channels on e-commerce, they need to turn advertising and the whole shopping experience into a service for consumers. It has been a year since Kiosked first looked into the major trends in digital marketing by ..Continue reading!

Pancakes and Ads

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  In the past weeks we have reviewed the history of digital marketing starting from the very first banner. But where are we in 2014? Let’s just say banners are still there but have adapted to trends such as the immense importance of visual content. You probably have noticed Youtube ads, but have you really? Did your eyes simply glaze over the ad or ..Continue reading!

Advertising trends 2014

Image source: This week we got together with Romain Robin, Publisher Development Manager from Commission Junction’s French branch, to take a closer look at the trends that shape digital advertising in 2014. Which are the three main trends for 2014 in your opinion? Video, Mobile, Native. Those three words describe the biggest (r)evolutions to come in the advertising landscape. Video is the greatest ..Continue reading!

The future of online publishing

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Image source: Last week our guest writer, Romain Robin, gave insights into the background of the partnership between Kiosked and Commission Junction. The partnership has at its core to create a win-win situation for publishers and advertisers alike. Today Romain provides us with an outlook into the future of online publishing. Publishing is the heart of the digital industry and the storefront of ..Continue reading!

Kiosked partners with Commission Junction

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Image source: Last week we announce that we have established a partnership with Commission Junction, the leading global affiliate marketing network. The partnership is unique because it marks the first time an affiliate network partners with a technology provider that enables a completely automatic content monetization. We got together with Romain Robin, Publisher Development Manager from Commission Junction’ French branch, to look at the ..Continue reading!

The History of Digital Marketing, part 2: Going up up up…

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Image source: Welcome back to our short review of the history of Digital Marketing. Last week we left you right before the first cookie ever appeared online. Why is that such a significant point in the course of this, still rather young history? Well, this is where Digital Marketing really took off to new levels. With the newly discovered technology called cookies, it ..Continue reading!

The way we were – The history of Digital Marketing

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Do you remember the first computer you ever owned? Did you also play hours of Commander Keen and got lost in this strange Dos Mode? Whatever you did, digital marketing was not around at that time yet. Now remember the first time you went online, to the interwebs. In the 1990s the internet was still in its 1.0 stage. It was possible to find ..Continue reading!

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