Kiosked releases automatic matching for content

Kiosked automatically brings contextual products to images and videos

Kiosked releases Automatic Matching, a new feature that automatically places contextually relevant products on images and videos within online content. Now advertisers and publishers alike can turn all their online visual content into shoppable and viral storefronts, and maximize their revenue by enhancing and improving consumer interaction significantly.

Jani Tierala, Head of Products explains the new feature: “Automatic Matching combines website, product and user profile data to recommend products that are most interesting to the consumers. It uses advanced relevance algorithms that improve over-time as statistical methods are used to increase relevance, engagement and sales revenues.”

Kiosked Automatic Matching gives you:

  • Contextually relevant service. For example, when a consumer reads an article about their favorite football team, Automatic Matching will offer them fan merchandise and game tickets.

  • Responsive kiosks. Kiosks work seamlessly across all media and devices, and they are designed to ensure an optimal user-experience.

  • Incremental revenue. Automatic Matching is a revolutionary new way to automatically monetize your visual content with no cost or effort.

Micke Paqvalén, CEO, Kiosked comments: “Publishers today want to monetize their content without large investments or changing editorial processes. With Automatic Matching publishers can have a scalable solution that automatically monetizes specific sections of their editorial content, and allows them to get started immediately.”


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Jani Tierala, Head of Products, Kiosked Ltd, mobile +358 40 548 1997,

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