Kiosked Launches Industry-First SaaS Platform for Multi-Format In-Content Placements At Future of Publishing and Monetization Summit

Pivotal solution delivers flexibility and scale to content monetization.

New York, NY — July 27, 2016 — World leading Advertising Automation company, Kiosked premiers the industry-first multi-format in-content SaaS advertising solution. The Kiosked SaaS Platform will be announced at Brand Innovators: Future of Publishing and Monetization summit hosted at the Spotify headquarters in New York. A select group of top advertisers and premium publishers gathered to discuss innovative opportunities in digital content monetization.

Publisher monetization challenges and opportunities:

  • 40% of publishers experience stagnant or decreasing revenues according to an eConsultancy study
  • Publishers are estimated to lose $ 20.3 billion in ad revenue due to adblocking in 2016 (source: Marketing Land)
  • According to IAB, 72% of publishers and 85% of advertisers use programmatic auction strategies
  • Video advertising offers an opportunity in monetization: according to BI Intelligence, digital video ad revenue will reach almost $5 billion in 2016
  • Programmatic budgets are estimated to grow to $27 billion in 2016

The Kiosked platform solves many of the issues publishers face today: its extensive offering of highly viewable in-content advertising placements outperforms traditional ad placements by commanding up to 400% higher click-through rates. This increases the value of the overall inventory, which means that publishers can make more money using fewer ads. Ad blocking is a direct result of users responding to sites cluttered with ads. By having fewer high-performing ads on the site, publishers can combat ad blocking with a better user experience.

Peter Clothier, SVP Customer Engagement at Kiosked, said: “We recognize the pressing need for new monetization services and our SaaS Platform offers publishers an easy to implement, end to end solution. We have experienced great interest from the industry and are eager to share our pilot program successes in Q3. Publishers enjoy the freedom and flexibility to manage monetization through their ad server and maintain control of demand across the full spectrum of Kiosked in-content placements.”

Marc Sternberg, Co- Founder, Brand Innovators, said: “The Future of Publishing & Monetization is an important event that looks at how publishers are adapting and re-inventing themselves in the digital era. The Kiosked solution is the first in market to offer such scale and flexibility to publishers worldwide. We are thrilled to share this innovation with such a forward-thinking group of industry professionals.

The Kiosked SaaS Platform provides freedom and flexibility to publishers:

  • The solution allows publishers to create and manage Kiosked high performing in-content ad placements through their own ad server
  • Publishers have access to the full-catalog of Kiosked highly viewable in-content display and video placements across desktop and mobile web
  • The SaaS platform allows publishers full inventory forecasting and demand control across all Kiosked in-content formats and placements
  • Publishers can leverage inventory created by the SaaS Platform against their own demand, Kiosked demand, or a combination of both
  • The Kiosked Platform solution works across all ad servers including DFP, AppNexus, and proprietary servers

Alex Sehnaoui, President MOFILM Americas said: “Audiences are demanding a reimagined advertising experience. Today’s publishers are listening, turning to Kiosked as the leader in advertising automation and MOFILM to deliver on the creative piece of the equation. Kiosked cleverly predicted and designed a solution that enables the entire ecosystem.”

For additional information contact:

EMEA: Tara Derakshan, Marketing Director +44 758 7959796
U.S, APAC: Hope Frank, +1 415.887.8448 @hopefrank

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