Kiosked helps you with customer engagement. By adding products to your web content you create non-intrusive and contextual storefronts that can be spread by fans and publishers online.



By adding kiosks to your images and videos you create storefronts that can be shared by your fans online. We call this kiosking. When users see a kiosk, they can instantly buy the product they want.

Kiosks can be added to any online content, even maps, apps or broadcasts. By measuring how users engage with your kiosks, you can also follow up on the pre-commerce behaviour of users. Learn more about kiosking.

Manage your content easily

Kiosked service is easy to use and highly scalable. With the Kiosked Dashboard it is easy to activate, manage and track all your kiosks and online content from one place.

Kiosks work anywhere – on any device, any media and any browser. The dynamic product database makes sure that the product information is always up to date for the consumers. Learn more about the features.



You can make your brand content easily available for your fans and customers by creating a Kiosked Page where your fans can easily fetch your kiosked images and videos.

Your fans and customers will be rewarded for sharing your kiosked content online. Learn more about Kiosked Pages.

Real-time feeds

You can easily upload your products to our product database with real-time feeds. Product information is updated in real time in the kiosks thanks to the dynamic product database.

If your feed is in the format of an affiliate network or if you are using the Magento e-commerce platform, it only takes minutes to upload the feed. Learn more by downloading our dynamic product feeds solution paper.


Gain insights with rich analytics

Kiosked’s advanced analytics gives you real-time insights into the performance of your kiosks, images and videos.

With our analytics you will learn exactly where and what content captures the attention of your fans and drives them to engage, share and shop. Learn more about Kiosked Analytics.


Kiosks can be fully customized – even colors and logos can be modified to follow your brand guidelines. The corner and the “hot spots”, indicating products or services that can be found in the content, can also be branded according to your preferences.

Please contact us to get the tools to brand your kiosks.



The content of the kiosks on your site can be fully customized according to your needs and preferences. Kiosks can include any online content such as a video, playlist or any website. For example, you can use kiosks to collect leads, sign up newsletter subscribers or to raise funds for charity.

To get the tools for customizing the content of kiosks, please contact us.

Simple pricing

Using Kiosked tools is free, as you only pay for performance.

You can choose between a transaction (commission) based or engagement based pricing model. You only pay for the sales in your web store or other engagements that your kiosks create. Read more about our pricing.