The Next Generation Platform for Audience Monetization Everywhere

Kiosked is the world’s leading Audience Monetization Platform designed to solve the industry's major issues around viewability and relevancy of ads.

Incremental Revenues

Kiosked dynamically creates new native, in-view ad inventory that smoothly integrates with your editorial content, across any media and all devices, complementing 100% your existing sales strategy.

Superior performance

With engagement and performance metrics that are 2X to 5X those of traditional display ads, Kiosked’s next generation RTB platform connects advertisers to premium, in-view native ad inventory that achieves results and builds brand value.

Always in control

Our team collaborates around the clock and around the globe to make sure you have maximum control of placements, pricing, packaging and performance of your inventory as well as who is allowed to buy your inventory and who isn’t.

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"We decided to expand Kiosked
across the entire network."

Grant Brown, CFO & Co-founder, Rant inc.

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"Kiosked is easy to implement, we were up and running and could start to monetise our visual content in around an hour."

Publishing Director IDG UK

"Kiosked revolutionizes online commerce."

Sauli Niinistö,
The President of the Republic of Finland

"A service, not an advertisement."

NY Times

"New source of revenue for publishers."

Financial Times
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