Advertising Automation Platform
Publishers and Advertisers

Kiosked is the leading, independent Advertising Automation platform that creates high-performance ad inventory directly within the publisher content. The Kiosked platform increases publishers' revenue, advertisers' performance, and delivers more relevant ads to consumers.

Programmatic ads

Publisher control

At Kiosked we understand that Publishers like to be in control.
The good news is that you can now run the Kiosked platform through a 3rd party adserver such as DFP, giving you control of your demand and even more control of the placements and configuration you want to run.

Programmatic solution

Superior performance

The Kiosked all-in-one advertising platform gives you access to premium native ad inventory that complies with IAB standards. The Kiosked ads guarantee better value for every dollar spent on advertising as they are proven to perform two to five times higher than traditional display advertising.

Advetising automation

Always in control

As a publisher you’ll have full control of your placements; if you need support or want to make changes, our global team of experts is always ready to help you.

Programmatic advertising

See what our clients
say about us

"Kiosked offers us the best service there is in the industry. Their Advertising Automation platform unlocked the power of our content and opened up new revenue streams for us."

Ole Evers,
Director of Business Development,
IDG Germany

"Kiosked monetizes our pages across multiple territories, and has given us a rich source of incremental revenue. Our image-ad revenues rose by more than 100% following our switch to Kiosked."

Simon Jary,
Commercial Director,

"We partnered with Kiosked’s Innovation Lab because they combine visionary development with user insight to create high-performing content monetization solutions."

Scott Mulqueen,
Director of Programmatic and Audience Strategy,

"Digital advertising is a constant battle between user experience and generating revenue. With Kiosked we never have to sacrifice one over the other."

Barbara Lavandeira,
Perez Hilton