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We make web site monetization easy

With Kiosked, you can monetize your website more effectively. Our technology detects ideal, natural ad placement within your site and automatically monetizes them for you. Kiosked's placements boost ad visibility and enhance user experience, and the best part is that everything is fully managed for you.


Easy Integration

Getting up and running with Kiosked is fast and easy. After getting your site approval you serve our script and your are done. We are the best monetization platform for website.

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Premium Buyers

When you partner with Kiosked, we sell your inventory to the largest advertisers, agencies and demand side platforms. You can add your websites and enable monetization for websites with Kiosked easily.

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Additional Revenue

Adding Kiosked ad units on your site means adding a new revenue stream, as running Kiosked doesn’t affect earnings from your other ad partners and helps monetize website ads.

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Exceptional Support

We have technical support staff and account managers around the world. This allows us to serve clients almost around the clock, every day, all year.

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Easy and Fast Implementation

Getting started with Kiosked, a world-known website monetize company, is effortless, fast and smooth.

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Increase your website revenue by an average of 33% with Kiosked's website monetization solution.

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What our great customers are saying

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our incredible clients
have to say about us.

Kiosked has been a great partner for us, delivering decent CPM/RPM rates, and quality ads.They've been fast to reply to our needs, including customization requirements, technical problems and customer service.

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Anime News Network

Kiosked has been one of the most successful ad network strategies for us. From the prompt and courteous support over the years to the fast and reliable payment systems, Kiosked is a platform we can highly recommend.

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Urban Belle Media

Kiosked offers us the best service there is in the industry. Their mobile web monetization platform unlocked the power of our mobile content and opened up new revenue streams for us.

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Make use of unmonetized space on your website

Kiosked ad units increase websites' performance and viewability metrics and boosts demand.

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