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What is Kiosked?

What is required from a publisher to get accepted as a publisher?

Good quality content, minimum of 1M page views per month, high-quality visitors.

How do I activate the Kiosked units on my page?

Add our script.

Is there a dashboard for reporting and how often is it updated?

Yes, we have a dashboard and get updated in the morning GMT.

Does the Kiosked dashboard show the revenues of the ad units separately?

Yes, you can run custom reports!

What are your payment terms?

NET 60 days, paid by the month-end.

How do I get paid?

What is the revenue share you pay?

Our revenue shares depend on the size of your site(s) and contract length and are on average 50/50-70/30.

Can I use your technology with my own demand?

Yes, we do offer a white label version of the platform, please contact sales@kiosked.com for further information.

Will Kiosked slow down my site?

The fact is that every single extra call slows down the page rendering process but no, Kiosked JavaScript runs asynchronously, meaning that it loads independent from the content of the pages and you will not actually be able to see a meaningful difference in load time.

Can I block certain advertisers/brands?

Yes, Kiosked can block brands and/or categories.

Does Kiosked offer technical support 24/7?

Our ticketing system works 24/7 for urgent on-call tickets. Regular technical support is provided during business hours.