All about out-stream video advertising

As video advertising continues its double digit growth, a relatively new for

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As video advertising continues its double digit growth, a relatively new format has emerged to make waves across the industry. Out-stream video is steadily gaining popularity among advertisers and publishers, but what is it all about?

Along with this post we’re also premiering a new infographic that highlights what marketers think of out-stream video. Be the first to access it here or from the link below.

Read on to learn more about out-stream and how it can boost overall content monetization for publishers and viewability for advertisers.

What is Out-Stream Video?

Out-stream video formats are video ads that play outside of a video player. In other words, they are ads that aren’t shown within existing video content, but animate into view between article paragraphs or next to the main content for instance.

The Benefits of Out-Stream Video Advertising

More and more advertisers are investing in video advertising; last year digital video ad spend grew by well over 30%. At the same time, the amount of available pre-roll supply is limited as it is directly tied to the amount of video content publishers host on their site.

Out-stream video ads can help balance this out. These formats can be created flexibly on any website in various sizes and positions. See the Kiosked out-stream formats in our Demo Center for precise examples.

By adding out-stream video ad placements on their website, publishers can begin to monetize through video even if they don’t have their own video. This is great news for incremental revenue; video tends to command higher CPM compared to display.

Everybody Wins

Out-stream video advertising is shown to be beneficial for both sides of the table: advertisers enjoy viewable impressions as out-stream video formats can be animated right where audiences are focusing on: the content.

When done right, out-stream video ads serve the end-user, too: they are less intrusive as the ad does not pause, delay, or stop the experience of consuming content.

Publishers on the other hand will be able to sell these positions at a premium price simply because they perform better and are less susceptible to ad fraud.

Looking at the data and stats, marketers are clearly loving out-stream formats. Download the Kiosked Out-Stream Video Infographic below and feast your eyes on the latest and greatest on online video advertising.