Halloween gallery of horrific digital advertising

Halloween may bring the monsters and spirits out on the streets, but the wor

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Halloween may bring the monsters and spirits out on the streets, but the world wide web is haunted by horrific digital creatures every single day. At Kiosked we’re fighting the spirits of banners past, so this Halloween we are sending out a Monster PSA on some of the creepiest ad formats lurking behind all the ones and zeroes.

Read on uncover the scariest ad formats online at your own risk – they really are the stuff of marketers’ and publishers’ nightmares. Oh, you can also see the entire infographic on CMO.com.

The Retargeting Zombie

Mindlessly stalks you around the web only to “recommend” a pair shoes you already bought. You’ll soon feel like running away screaming, or virtually chainsawing the Zombie in two until its bits and pixels are splattered everywhere.

The Disappearing Ghost Banner

This creature is the stuff of every marketer’s nightmares: the notorious Ghost Banner is there yet nobody sees it. This dreaded specter feasts on digital marketing budgets and nope, the Ghost Busters won’t help you with this one.

The Page Load Vampire

Slowly but steadily sucks the life out of you as you’re waiting. The Page Load Vampire isn’t after your blood, but feeds off human frustration. Rumor has it that the creation of this online monster dates back to a Transylvanian developer in the early 90s.

The Adware Poltergeist

Push one wrong download button and this haunted software spirit will find its way to the depths of your laptop. The Adware Poltergeist will overtake your browser to spark endless pop-up ads. We warn you, you’ll need to call upon the Antivirus Exorcists with this one.

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