Introducing the brand new Kiosked

Before digging into explaining how amazing our new brand look is, let’s have

Background with blue elements.

Before digging into explaining how amazing our new brand look is, let’s have a glimpse at Kiosked’s history as a company and the true reason behind the rebranding.


The Kiosked success story had its beginning back in 2010 when the company was founded and the original prototype of the Kiosked software was built. The initial product was an image tagging technology, that allowed images and videos on websites to turn into small stores online. As many of you might not know, that’s where the company name Kiosked comes from.

The road onwards

Four years later, in 2014, the company had experienced a solid growth but also reached the conclusion that consumers were not ready to buy online on impulse yet. Sometimes it’s not good to be first. Today Instagram and Snapchat are making Kiosked’s initial vision reality but even they are still struggling to scale out the model.

Change of plans

At the time being, programmatic advertising was starting to make headlines and Kiosked realized that since other metrics such as CTR and viewability of their ecommerce layer were outstanding, it would make sense to ‘change the engines while flying’ and pivot from ecommerce to advertising. This is when the Kiosked programmatic advertising platform we know today was born.

Why are we rebranding?

Kiosked has gone through massive changes in the past 4 years. Circumstances have been up and down and the company has experienced very typical start-up cycles.

Today the company is a wide spectrum of people who have been with us since day one, to people who recently had their first day at Kiosked.

Like with all good stories, it’s good to divide them into chapters and for Kiosked it’s time to move on to the next one.

What does the rebranding mean for our customers?

This whole process is not just about creating a new logo and look by changing some colors. We are updating everything from how we work with our customers to further developing automated processes, in order to be more efficient and serve our clients in the best ways possible.

One of the larger visible updates, apart from the new brand look, is the new automation process. From self-service onboarding of new clients to increased transparency regarding data and the ability to modify our services to match our customer’s needs.

How will this affect our position in the market?

Ad tech is rapidly becoming commoditized. It’s not the tech itself that decides who wins and loses, it’s the ability to tailor the service and to create products that optimize themselves. Ease of use has always been key, and Kiosked is striving to make ad tech more effective, without making it harder to use.

The visual elements of Kiosked 2.0.

Our new brand is simple, modern and sophisticated and it reflects well the industry we operate in. Let’s do a tour and see what it consists of.

The logo

The colors

As many of you might remember, Kiosked’s main color has been the Kiosked Turquoise and Bright Turquoise, along with some orange for highlighting.

We want to keep the same color palette but have chosen more mature, calm colors to mediate the new, developed era of Kiosked.

What to expect from Kiosked in the near and far future?

Continuous development

Kiosked will mainly focus on new technology to better match demand and supply. New ad units will be created and provided, in order to widen the product assortment and create as many revenue opportunities as ever possible.

Kiosked will also provide new, improved analytics tools for our clients to get a better understanding of how they can improve their current monetization strategies.

A steady, reliable partner

Kiosked has cemented its position on the market. We have years of experience of how to run the type of business we are in, and we are looking to grow into new markets with our new collaboration strategy. We are looking forward to start new, regional partnerships around the world.

Quality ad placements

We will continue advocating for quality over quantity, towards a positive, clean ad environment. It’s a long road but the industry is at the tipping point where it has to change or will be game over many. We really hope that Kiosked and other companies battle for getting a fair chance at proving ourselves right!

Starting from today, you will see these exciting changes take over the world. Hope you love our new brand identity as much as we do!