Kiosked and IAB – building new tech standards on privacy and personalization

The advertising ecosystem is a fast-changing and constantly evolving environ

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The advertising ecosystem is a fast-changing and constantly evolving environment. We at Kiosked want to be at the forefront of adopting new technologies and developments in order to support and offer our clients and partners the best possible service.

By joining Finnish national IAB and IABs global workgroups, we ensure that we have a voice in improving the industry and development of new technology at an early stage and keep our position as a strong player in the industry. We get to work with powerful, interactive leaders in the advertising industry, collaborate with both colleagues and competitors in order to ensure a clean, fair advertising environment.

We are happy to announce that we will take an active role in Project Rearc, an initiative to make the internet a better place for consumers. With impending changes to third-party cookies and other identifiers, Project Rearc is a global call-to-action for stakeholders across the digital supply chain to re-think and re-architect digital marketing to support core industry use cases, while balancing consumer privacy and personalization. Different groups of industry specialists and leaders will work and brainstorm together on global, regional, and national levels with the goal of shaping an industry that can operate without the use of third-party cookies in a way that respects privacy and personalization by default. Kiosked plays an active role in critical business and policy conversations and is a member of both global and Finnish national task forces of Project Rearc.

We look forward to helping develop the industry towards something even more powerful.


As their slogan hints, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, also known as IAB, strives to empower the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy. IAB works towards a fair advertising landscape by setting industry standards and educating brands and agencies and through constant development of technical standards and solutions. IAB creates a trustworthy digital supply chain in the advertising industry by creating and implementing industry-wide behavior and standards. IAB has over 650 learning media companies as members and a global network that brings together 45 national IABs.