Monetization matters: 12 tips for driving traffic

Welcome to Monetization Matters, our new blog series that covers all angles

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Welcome to Monetization Matters, our new blog series that covers all angles of website growth: from driving traffic to monetization options and quality content, this series helps publishers gear up for sky-rocketing their digital revenue. All tips are dished out in an easily digestible listicle (we really like the sound of that!). Read on the get inspired, share if you loved it, and stay tuned for the next installment.

Drive Traffic from Social Media

1. Post on social media during the most engaging times for your type of website: B2B content performs 16% better during business hours.

2. Try the Triple Share Rule to double your clicks on social media: share content on the publishing day, the next day, and one week after.

3. Getting clicks isn’t free these days: repromote popular content and allocate budget to sponsor those posts.

4. Tailor content for shares by using basic human psychology: people share stuff to appear smart, cool, or funny. That being said, don’t go all click-bait!

Optimize for Search Engines

5. Build a consistent plan to use keywords you’re most likely to be searched for.

6. Hire an expert to consult you if you’re not an SEO wizard yet.

7. Be smart: too many keywords can get you penalized by Google!

8. Fun fact: SEO traffic has higher conversion rates than paid.

Search Engine Marketing

9. Look at your audience data and target based on it.

10. Go local and use your geo data to compete against the big guys.

11. Words matter: write eye-catcing copy for your paid search ads.

12. Educate yourself on the topic. We like Search Engine Land.

Have you already mastered these and are eager to skip right to monetizing your website? Get in touch with our sales team and start earning money today!