Monetization matters: growing your revenue

You are feasting your eyes on the third – and perhaps most crucial – install

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You are feasting your eyes on the third – and perhaps most crucial – installment of Monetization Matters, our new publisher series with listicles that cover everything from growing traffic, improving website UX, to of course, the different ways you can make more money off your website.

Today’s topic, growing revenue from content monetization, is particularly close to our hearts: Kiosked platform was created to disrupt the status quo in digital marketing to help publishers generate more ad revenue with less ads on their site.

Sounds counter-intuitive? Read on to learn why less is more and which strategies can help you grow.

Five Ways to Monetize

1. Ads are probably the first option that come to mind when talking about monetization. However, having too many of them per site can actually hurt your monetization because it might prompt users to turn on those pesky ad blockers.

2. Donations can work for certain types of websites. It is a relatively easy thing to set up, but you do need a good reason for people to give you money. Charity and cause organizations come to mind.

3. Sell a product. We’re not telling you to become the next Amazon – ebooks, online tutorials, and workshops are relatively easy to sell online if they are in line with your business.

4. Affiliate marketing: sell or recommend someone else’s products on your website. Just make sure the product or brand fits your website style and topic.

5. Paywalls for premium content: charge users for consuming content. Works well if you have a loyal audience that depends on your content for insights, inspiration, education, or news.

A Look into Different Ad Solutions

6. In-content ads: created dynamically, these ads tend to perform better than traditional ad placements because they are placed where people are looking at: directly within the content that is being consumed.

7. You can also sell your ad space directly: you will get compensated up front but the price depends on your traffic. Read how to drive more traffic here.

8. Paywall ads: users get to access content if they agree to watch a video ad for instance.

9. Try services that grant freedom and flexibility to adserving, our new Kiosked SaaS platform does just that by granting more options to controlling and optimizing your demand.

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