The benefits of having cmp in place

CMP stands for consent management platform and is a rather new term that bec

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CMP stands for consent management platform and is a rather new term that became popular after the implementation of GDPR back in May 2018, when new rules regarding transparency and first- and third-party cookie consent were set.

To clarify things, first-party cookies represent the key user information gathered from the website. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, allow publishers to monetize their websites and run targeted marketing campaigns. GDPR brought on strong requirements on the usage of data collected on both of these cookies. Using a consent management platform makes it a whole lot easier to be GDPR compliant, in other words, makes it easier to obtain and manage legal user consent for data collection, storage, and usage.

Why invest in a CMP?

If you have any amount of European traffic we highly advise you to continue reading. Traffic from Europe is bound by law to request consent if any tracking is enabled. Regulations are becoming stricter and the sanctions are getting bigger. Not only Europe and it’s GDPR are worth keeping in mind. More and more privacy laws are being implemented across the globe. CPMs manage consent for a wide range of advertising providers. This connection can be provided by for instance Kiosked. The effort required by the publisher is minimal and the benefits far outlay the costs. Below are some real-time examples, of how using CMP is improving impressions and CPM.

Client case examples of how CPM increased drastically due to personal ads.

Who needs a CMP?

As mentioned above, today almost everyone needs and benefits from using a CMP. Using a CMP to gather user consent will improve monetization and we highly recommend everyone to use one. Also, websites operating outside of Europe need a CMP, as any traffic originating from within the EEA should be handled correctly in terms of consent. US sites, for example, will usually still incur some European traffic, depending on site type. Below a comparison between the US and UK and you can see how much personalized ads affect the CPM in a positive direction.

US versus UK example of how personal ads improve CPM.

Which CMP should I use?

Choosing a CMP is not always too easy. We provide support for choosing and setting up the best matching CMP platform for all our clients. Some tips are to make sure you choose a CMP that follows the IAB standards for consent as well as guidelines provided by Google. CMP needs to have the correct terminology/wording or they are not legal. We recommend cookie choices if you are unsure of the correct terminology.

How does Kiosked handle GDPR & Cookie consent?

The Kiosked monetization script has built-in functionality for detecting the location from which the user is browsing a site, and will automatically configure user consent handling when making requests to our demand partners. The script will automatically detect and request consent from on-page CMPs, passing these on to the relevant networks when auctions are performed on inventory. We carefully control what requests are made depending on the user location in order to ensure compliance. If no consent is given by the user, we can pass this information on to the advertiser so they know consent was not provided. We only operate with GDPR-supporting networks whilst in the EEA.

Are you struggling with consent questions and choice of CMP platform? We are happy to help all our clients through the whole process of monetization, from maximizing revenue to ensuring consent and clean advertising.

Drop us a line and we are happy to start working with you.